Mysql master-slave replication with percona xtrabackup

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Mysql master-slave replication with percona xtrabackup This replication will be seted up with Percona tools and xtrabackup. The replication in MySQL performs via binary logs. Replication is only asynchronous. In version Mysql-5.6 GTID (Global Transaction IDentifier) appeared. In theory replication is the process when master servers sends updates to slave server. Next I’m going to … Continue reading Mysql master-slave replication with percona xtrabackup

Linux iptables

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Linux iptables First off all we should set policy for our firewall: iptables -P Example:

To show current status of our firewall – iptables: NOTE: this doesn’t mean rules are in /etc/iptables.rules file.

Same, but a little shorter:

keys: -n – do not resolv service names -L / –list – lists rules … Continue reading Linux iptables

UNIX: show system variables

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All UNIX-like operating systems such as FreeBSD, Redhat, CentOS, Debian allows you to set environment variables. This variables are used by system applications. To find the current values of all your environment variables and functions you can any shell you’d like: sh, zsh, bash, etc… Below the list of system variables:

Shell builtin commands … Continue reading UNIX: show system variables