How to generate LA?

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How to generate LA? Sometimes you need to simulate load on your server to check system behavior under heavy load. My case was to check scalability script that monitors backend load and creates new hosts in Digital Ocean. Previously I wrote the article about Load Average and the meaning of this metric. Here you can … Continue reading How to generate LA?

GeoIP log analysis with bash

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GeoIP log analysis with bash. Running websites or other online services usually we want to get as much statistics about visitors as possible. There are plenty of system that can provide us web-based statistics. But there is another way. True admin/devops way is to analyse logs. Any service can provide access logs: nginx, apache, haproxy, … Continue reading GeoIP log analysis with bash

Check MySQL table size without shell

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The simplest way to check the size of table is to check it via *nix ‘df’ command. Enter the location of your db, in my case it is ‘/var/db/mysql/admins247’ (‘/var/db/mysql/’ is default for FreeBSD) and perform:

This will show you the ammount of space the table is occupy on your disk. Usually you do … Continue reading Check MySQL table size without shell